Amazing Tasmanian Oysters

Get Shucked Oysters are arguably the best in Tasmania

A Gourmet Food and Wine Experience

Tasmania has fast become renowned for its food much faster than the wine. Tasmanian wine is certainly the future for Australia as the oceans warm and the climate changes, I believe that Tasmania may become one of the greatest assets to the Australian wine industry.

Saying that, the wine certainly is an added serendipity when you embark on a gastronomical journey of food in Tasmania. People say that “Tassie is an eating holiday with scenery in between!”

When you sip on a Riesling after downing freshly shucked Amazing Tasmanian Oysters is starts to become evident that something special os happening.  A large focus of the day on The Long Lunch Tour is food and wine pairing. Smoked Salmon and Sauvignon Blanc, Gewurztramier & Wasabi Cheddar, Blue Cheese and Dessert wine. Sometimes 1+1=10 when it comes to food pairings.

I don’t blame people when they start the day thinking that they don’t like oysters, Chardonnay or Blue Cheese. But…. when you try it again after years of missing out with the right wine or food, oh how things change.

After all the first Oyster I had was a smoked one out of a can as a child, first and last one of those I thought. Not until I moved to Coles Bay and Freycinet. Now I eat them whenever I can and you can get Amazing Tasmanian Oysters on the Food and Wine Tour!

Oysters especially are only as good as the water they are grown in. These little guys filter about 10 litres of water per hour, so they end up tasting exactly like where they are grown. that’s why the Freycinet Marine Farm oysters are just about as salty as they get. A nice pristine shallow lagoon as what gives them their signature flavour.

The Bruny Island oysters pictured above are the other “great oyster” of Tasmania you will get to try if you join one of our Hobart Wine tours. Grown in the pure waters around Bruny Island in the states south, these are some of the plumpest, creamiest oysters you will get anywhere. Some prefer them more than Freycinet’s? I love them equally, they both have their merits, it would be like trying to chose a favourite child out of the family to split hairs that fine.

Join one of our tours at Hobart or Freycinet / Coles Bay or both of them and decide for yourself which ones are the best Amazing Tasmanian Oysters on the Food and Wine Tour !!

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Amazing Tasmanian Oysters

Hyper Saline waters and a touch of algae give this little beauty it’s sought after green tinge.

Amazing Tasmanian Oysters

Oysters grillled in Soy and Ginger and matched with a local Riesling, shows you don’t need to have them Kilpatrick

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