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A progressive degustation with you in it!!

Amazing views and food await

Amazing views and food await

“Degustation” is a culinary term meaning “a careful and appreciative tasting” focusing on the senses, high culinary art, fine wine and good company on our Tours in Tasmania.

Basking in the sunshine at 42 degrees latitude is some of the most renowned destinations in the world, “Freycinet Coast Wine Region” and the “Hobart & Southern Wine Region”. They have both become celebrated as some of the wonders in Australian Tourism for their scenery, Tasmanian culinary delights, wineries and culture. Our tours are unique and we’ve especially hand selected some of the best experiences possible at;

The Hobart and Southern Region which boasts an array of cultural experiences that are surrounded by passionate producers creating amazing Wine and Food that will blow your mind and taste buds. Enjoy Fresh Oysters, visit a Cheese maker ,  behind the scenes winery tour and more signature experiences than we can mention here!! Find out more about our Hobart Wine Tour.

The Freycinet Coast has more sunny days than anywhere else in Tasmania, coupled with cool nights and proximity to the ocean, everything leads to fantastic wines and produce of world class nature. Around every turn is a fresh view, jam packed on the Freycinet Coast is a marvel of flavours, vistas and experiences that will surpass any expectations you had when you ventured to the pristine state of Tasmania. Find out more about our Freycinet and Coles Bay region Wine Tour.